Monday, 15 June 2009

Champagne Maestro stopper

First unveiled at the recent London Wine Trade Fair this invention is really a crown cork (though the French nomenclature 'capsule couronne' just sounds so much more refined!) with a built in opener. This is all camouflaged with a plastic protective cap or 'dome' all surrounded by foil (again the French 'coiffe' is more prestigious) to finish and look as much like the traditional shape as possible. Its particular advantage is alleged to be that it is much easier to open than a traditional cork and was especially convenient to women (perhaps this had something to do with the fact that the first taker was Champagne Duval Leroy, which happens to be run by Carol of that ilk). Comparisons with opening a beer bottle are entirely correct but little mentioned. Unless this is behind the reason it is currently not allowed to be sold - seemingly because the stopper doesn't have 'Champagne' written on it!

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