Monday, 10 August 2009

Why We - along with an increasing number- no longer accept Maestro over the Internet

We can now take Maestro cards over the phone but not over the internet. Maestro will only now authorise an internet transaction undertaken with something called 3d secure, which is effectively yet another password to remember, which has certain minimum requirements – something like must be 10 digits, include at least two numbers, four capitals and four lower case letters and so it goes on...Such that it is an instantly forgettable password. (Apparently Google has – interestingly - recently stopped accepting Maestro.) This 'system' allegedly allows greater protection but it is ill conceived; if your computer is compromised then you are just as likely to have your 3d secure password stolen as you are to lose the rest of the card details. Then beware! you have a hell of a job telling the card issuer that it was not you who ‘authorised’ that transaction. It is also the case that most, if not all, remaining British Maestro cards will be rebranded within the next couple of years.

So if you prefer to keep using Maestro you’ll need to order by phone Free during office hours 0500 708 007.

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