Monday, 1 March 2010

Chilean Earthquake

It seems more than likely that there will be some disruption to Chilean wine supplies as a result of the serious earthquake of Saturday 27th February. Owing to the 6-8 week lead time for shipping Chilean wines this is not likely to be immediate, but at least two wine producing areas (the Bio Bio and Maule valleys) have been affected. For the vineyards this is unlikely to be more than a relative inconvenience but the logistics of exporting are going to be a much greater challenge. As wine consumers we can of course easily switch to another country's production, but in the meantime Chile looses that export income. We thought some customers might like to make a small donation towards providing tents for those without shelter through the innovative Shelterbox scheme. Either use the link above or by ordering a quantity of one or more of this item here we will pass on the same amount to Shelterbox.

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