Saturday, 6 February 2010

Brand New Red Bicyclette

What is it with bicycles? Various wineries and co-ops in the South of France are being prosecuted by the French authorities for selling cheap Pinot Noir, that wasn't, to Gallo for its 'Red Bicyclette' brand. One might have thought Gallo should have been able to smell and taste the difference but, as one wag has already pointed out, probably the overwhelming aroma was that of a nice fat, high margin...

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  1. Gina Gallo is married to Jean-Charles Boisset, scion of, and spokesman for, the huge French wine company. She grows and makes Pinot Noir herself as Gallo’s Sonoma winemaker. Gina and her uncle Joseph should both have known there is not that many hectoliters of Pinot Noir juice available in Languedoc at the price they paid. These are not dumb Americans. The Gallo family owns the second largest wine company in the world. E&J Gallo Winery has been in business for 77 years. See no evil, hear no evil should not cut it in a company with the resources E&J Gallo employs.