Friday, 10 July 2009

Contemporary Beverage Closure Anyone?

This is the new Zork (that's not a Cork -geddit?) that in similar form already closes cheap still wine in America and Australia but is much hyped as the next big thing - sorry the next 'contemporary beverage closure' for sparkling wine. It is basically a plastic stopper which 'unzips' to become free and which has a button on the top that you can reseal your bottle of fizz - very similar to newer Champagne 'savers'. The advantage is that this stopper does it all in one. It hails from Australia and they have high hopes of setting up European production 'within months'. It has, I think they say, the spin of the screwcap with the pop of the cork. That's certainly some spin - and whilst Champagne is unlikely to take the plunge (as it were) Prosecco and Sekt well might.

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